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What are the fees?

The fees for a form are chosen at the time the form is created or updated. Once you create a payment form for collecting donations, campaigns or billing the fee structure is locked in and will not change until you update the form.

Getting started is free. There are no monthly fees. Just sign up and connect your Stripe account. We only get paid when you get paid by taking a small fee per transaction. We are currently offering the following fees:

Percentage (%)
Minimum Change ($)
Maximum Change ($)
We take the larger of 1.00% of the amount collected or $0.25, up to $10.00. So you never get charged less than $0.25 and you never get chaged more than $10.00.

We leverage the leading online payment technology services of Stripe. The above fees do not include the fees that Stripe charges.

Is secure?

Yes! This site uses 256-bit encryption and TLS/SSL to protect all data transferred between your browser and our servers. This is the same level of encryption that your bank uses.

In addition to our transport security, we leverage leading online payment collection technology developed by Stripe. Stripe provides a PCI Level 1 Compliant service. Credit card information is only sent to Stripe's servers and never to our servers.

Our servers are supported and secured by a world-leading provider of web hosting service. Physical access to the servers is strictly controlled by industry standards.

Is my data backed up?

All data is backed up to a secure cloud location once per day. In addition, the code that makes is backed up and stored in a secure source control repository.